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Why is Gravel used in an Aquarium?

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Gravel is a very popular substrate used in aquariums. It can make your fish tank a lot more attractive because of their different colors. However, there are other reasons you should use gravel in your aquarium. Here are the most important ones.

Maintains a Healthy Environment for Your Fish

Most of us cringe at the thought of bacteria in our stuff. However, there are bacterial species that are beneficial to other organisms. This is the case with fish.

Beneficial bacteria require a suitable environment for them to thrive. These microorganisms process wastes, plant debris, and other materials in the water to keep the environment healthy for your fish.

A bare-bottom fish tank can also have beneficial bacteria. However, they may not multiply fast or in enough quantities to keep the water safe.

Serves as a Natural Filter

In addition to providing a suitable environment for beneficial bacteria, aquarium gravel can support the filtration system of the fish tank.

Gravel comes in many sizes and shapes. They create gaps in between individual pieces of gravel, allowing water to flow in between these spaces and facilitate the settling of particles at the bottom.

The end result is that the water is cleaner and clearer on top. You will not see any particle suspended in the water. This allows you to maintain the clarity of the water and promote better views of your fish.

Safer for Certain Species of Fish

There are fish species that thrive best in a fish tank with gravel as the substrate. A good example is goldfish. This species should never live in an aquarium with a sand substrate or it might cause blockage. There are, of course, fish species that require a bed of sand. They ingest some of the sand particles to aid in digestion. Cichlids are examples of these.

Does Not Get Sucked Up in the Filter

Gravel is heavy. You will not have to worry about individual pieces to be sucked up in the filter of the aquarium. This prevents clogging of the filters and ensures the optimal operation of the filtration system.

Allows Aquarium Customization

Gravel comes in many colors, sizes, and shapes. You can choose the gravel that can complement the aesthetics of your fish. For example, choosing dark-colored gravel would be ideal for a light-colored fish. The aquarium gravel can provide a great contrast to your beautiful fish.

Using gravel in your aquarium does not only make it more beautiful. It can also promote a healthier and safer environment for your fish. Use it today!

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