Why Every Family Should Own A Dog

Written by Jake Dunning

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, man first tamed and befriended the wolves that roamed the forests. There is evidence of this in the archaeological record. It must have been to the advantage of both species for this to happen.

That relationship has developed over the millennia into what it is today. Archeologists recon that very soon after we had tamed the beast, we began to use our knowledge to cross breed characteristics into new generations of hound. We could then put these new breeds to work. Eventually, we find ourselves here today with hundreds of different variations of our favourite pet. Often they are so dissimilar that one would suspect they came from different species. All modern breeds, however, share a common ancient ancestry.

We find in society that dogs have become loved and often considered to be a member of the family. Take a very young child, for example, who first met the family’s new puppy at that age. They would then grow and not know what life was like before the puppy was introduced. Often that child could reach ten or twelve years old before the dog died. So, in that child’s eyes, the dog was just as much a part of the family as their brother or sister.

Owning a dog is an experience every family should have at least once. People often find that owning a pet pooch is addictive, and cannot imagine a life without one. Here is why, I believe, every family should own a dog.


Dogs have senses we cannot even begin to imagine. Often you will see your dog’s head lift and its ears prick up as it hears or smells something that is way beyond your capabilities. They have been used for security purposes for thousands of year, giving early warning of intruders, or an impending attack. The police use dogs for bringing down escaping villains, the army for detecting improvised explosive devices, and customs for detecting drugs that are being smuggled.

Your dog, however, without you even being conscious of it, will give you a feeling that all is well in the home by the fact that it is relaxed and calm. It doesn’t matter whether your dog is a trained killer or not; if it feels something going on outside, it will probably bark or look agitated. Once your dog feels like it owns the family that cares for it, even the mildest mannered pet can turn nasty should a member of that family be threatened.


Owning a dog brings with it chores that can be shared by the whole family. Getting your children involved will give them a sense of responsibility. The kids can help bathe the dog and feed it. Training a dog is a great pastime for a young mind. When the dog learns a new trick, they will be thrilled and encouraged to engage with the dog further. This can even lead to a child following a career working with animals. Good experienced with animals is often found during a gap year. Advice can be found at The Leap and many other places online.

Early Warning

It has been noted that dogs can detect early signs of an epileptic fit long before a sufferer is aware it is about to happen. This enables the epileptic to lie on the floor in a safe room and prepare for the onset of the fit. Many injuries are caused by falls when someone has a fit. Nobody is quite sure how dogs do this. Some think they have a sense we are unaware of while others think the dog notices small changes in the sufferer’s behaviour. However they do it, dogs can save lives.


People who live or spent a lot of time alone often find comfort in their dog. Since dogs develop distinct personalities, people often feel as if they are communicating. If you are feeling lonely, get a dog, and it could lift your spirits. Often, owning a dog is a good way to socialise with other dog owners.


There is no doubt that walking is good exercise for anyone. As people get older, they tend to do less of it. If you have an active dog, you have a great excuse to go out for a walk whenever it takes your fancy. The dog will soon learn when it is time to go walkies so there is no chance you will forget.


If you are a lover of sport and a lover of dogs, why not combine the two passions. Dogs are used in a wide range of sports including racing and shooting. If you were to successfully train a talented greyhound, there could be a lot of money in it for you. Shooting dogs are used to fetch the downed birds that you have brought out of the sky. If a dog is very good at either of these sports, it could become very valuable.


Many people choose to show their pedigree dogs. This isn’t an easy hobby to take on as it is much more involved  than you may think. The dog will have to be taught how to remain calm and still, and its coat will need to be perfectly trimmed. It will need to be perfectly manicured too. The dog was probably born with the most important features such as stature, bone structure, and teeth. Some show dogs are trained to work their way through obstacle courses and obey commands without fault. To get a dog to this level can take years of dedication.


Last, but by no means least, dogs are the best deterrent to cats that there is. Well, most of them anyway; there are exceptions. Cats are considered a pests by all keen gardeners because of what they leave behind in the soil. Gardeners will also complain that the cats never do their business in their own garden. It is difficult to keep cats away. There are citrus smelling products that work for a short while but the odour soon dies down. No cat will enter a garden where a growling dog is waiting for them.

But the biggest reason of all to own a dog is that they are always happy to see you and cuddly. What more could we want?



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