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Why Are Dogs Good For Human Health?

Written by netpetsc

Well, having a dog in the house definitely means having a best friend around, however, this is just not it! Dogs do bring some health benefits for human beings with their presence. Having a four feet friend around the house keeps generations happy and healthy. Want to know why? Read this!

Improves Heart Health:

It is not hidden that pet owners have a healthier life as compared to non-pet owners, perhaps because, they tend to do a lot of exercise and feel calm whenever they see their canine partners. Studies have shown that pet owners have lower cholesterol levels, minimize the risk of a heart attack, and experience a lower rate of blood pressure as compared to non-pet owners.

Help Shred Some Extra Pounds: 

Along with dog’s exercise, it is more of an exercise routine for the owner as it allows you to perform an exercise routine for at least 20-30 minutes daily. Studies have shown that people who take their dogs out at least 5 times a weekend up losing 14 pounds in a year. So, if you want to lose those extras, buy a dog instead of hitting the gym.

Restrict Allergies in Future Generations: 

We have often heard that having a dog in the house can lead to various allergies, however, the good news is that is has been proven wrong in various studies. In fact, having a dog in the house makes the future generations 33% immune to various allergies and boosts immune system too.

Improves Connections and Social Life:

Signs of aging leads to confining within as people are not left with enough energy to interact and communicate with people. However, science says that people who are dog owners are extrovert and love to interact and share stories about their favourite four-legged companions. While canine contributes to our healthy lifestyle unknowingly it is our responsibility to understand how to take proper care of our animal friend by

Repels Depression: 

Studies have shown that older people living alone and HIV- positive people feel less depressed if their companion is a dog. Therapy dogs are the best medicine for people suffering from depression regardless of age and wellbeing status.

Scales Down Stress: 

There is a reason why people perform great when dogs are around. Studies have shown that dogs help in stimulating dopamine and serotonin in the human body which helps in the overall well being of humans. They also help release tension between couples and professionals performing stressful jobs.

Gives The Safety You Need: 

Dogs let you feel the safest even when you are alone in the house. As soon as an unknown person tries to intrude, the dog becomes alert and starts barking. Who would take the risk of entering a house where dogs can just rip him off in seconds? Therefore, you can experience deep sleep every night. 

Keeps You Able-Bodied and Energetic: 

According to a study, adults need to do 2 hours and 30 minutes of exercise per week and canine owners are the one who generally hit this goal. Dogs love to walk and explore the outer world and with them, the pet owners also get a chance to walk various lanes nearby. They also experience lower mass index and fewer doctor visits.

A Decrease in The Number of Doctor Visits:

Well, this sounds odd, however, this too has been backed by a study, ‘Journal of Personality and Social Psychology established that animal-owning senior on Medicare’ that states, people pay a visit to doctors 30% less after the age of 60 if they are pet owners. Dogs are providing therapies in various ways that we as human beings cannot even understand.

Remember, dogs are always better than therapists as:

  • Their love is unconditional; they do not want anything in return. They will love us during our bad days and good days in the same way. They will never have a mood swing and will never demand to pamper.
  • Dogs teach the kids the art of being playfulness, sharing, and empathy. Kids learn by observing and dogs are the best teachers for kids as they unknowingly help children understand feeling that nobody could teach them otherwise.
  • Dogs make humans more responsible and help in being disciplined. With dogs around people tend to wake up at the same time every day and simulates the essence of responsibility.
  • We live in an era where most people are dependent on antidepressants for their happiness. Well, if you have a dog around then that is the most natural antidepressant that one can have and which will start showing results from day one without seeing any doctors.

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