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What to look for when buying a Teacup Persian Kitten

Written by Jake Dunning

Cat lover or not, you cannot deny the beauty of a Teacup Persian cat. Brought to the European shores by Middle East traders, the Teacup Persian cat quickly became a hit with Europeans far and wide.

Their beauty is undeniable, but their temperament can be difficult to manage. As a breed, the Teacup Persian is one of an uncontrollable jewel, originating from a world far away.

They are one of the most delectable breeds of cats out there, and you could bring one home. However, there are plenty of things that you need to consider when buying a Teacup Persian Kitten

This guide will help you identify certain areas and questions regarding Teacup Persian Kittens. It aims to help you make the right decision whether to make them a member of your family.


Persian cats as a breed are expensive. They have an exotic past which you will have to pay for. The Teacup Persian Kitten is particularly expensive for two reasons. One, they are quite a rare and in-demand breed. Two, you will almost always have to pay more for a kitten. However, this does have its advantages.


Grey seems to be the most popular colour of the Teacup Persian cat. However, you can also find them in an off-beige colour too. However, if you are quite particular about the colour of your Teacup Persian kitten then you need to be patient. The colour of your Teacup Persian kitten will have no bearing on its behaviour or how it takes to your home and family.


Persian Cat


You may be lucky enough to have a breeder within your local area. However, this is quite rare opportunity. The more likely scenario is that you will have to look past your local area. If you have your heart set on a Teacup Persian kitten, then it is advised that you find breeders on a more regional level. If you do not have any success here, then it is not uncommon for people to look outside of the country to find their Teacup Persian kitten.

The work does not stop once you have found a Teacup Persian kitten breeder. It is not as simple as ordering a DVD online. It takes time to build a trusting relationship with the breeder. This works in both your favour, as well as the breeders. Having this ongoing relationship will put you in good stead when it comes to finally buying your Teacup Persian kitten.

Breeder contracts can also have a number of restrictions applied against them. So, be careful. Take your time to read the contract in detail. If you are not happy with something, do not be afraid to question it. Some contracts may have restrictions such as; ‘do not surgically remove your cat’s nails.’ May seem a little obscure to you, hence the importance of thoroughly reading any breeder’s contract. Websites, such as Cats Creations, will have more information on contracts and their restrictions.

Cat Shows

The CFA Persian cat show is a great place to visit if you are considering buying a Teacup Persian kitten. At the show, you can get first hand advice from Teacup Persian cat owners. They will be able to advise on breeders and their behaviour. They are a friendly-bunch, so do not be afraid to ask them a few questions. Cat shows are also a fantastic place to buy kittens. You may be able to find a Teacup Persian kitten breeder at the show.

The advice given above will help you find your perfect Teacup Persian kitten. However, do you know what it takes to look after a Teacup Persian kitten? Considering introducing one into your home is a big decision. The below advice focuses on just what grooming, bathing and other maintenance is required.


Teacup Persian cats and kittens require brushing on a daily basis. You may need to ask yourself if you have time to brush your kitten this often. Have you the time? A Teacup Persian kitten has very soft, cotton-like fur, and it can get very knotted. This knotting can pull on their tender skin, and add a certain stress-level to your kitten.


Due to the Teacup Persian kittens soft fur, they require bathing once a month. This is a minimal requirement, and you can bathe more often. It is recommended that you invest in a number of bathing products. These would include items such as; degreasers, powders and oils. Products such as shampoos and conditions are a must. This helps keep your Teacup Persian kitten’s fur and skin in great condition.

Different bathing methods apply to different fur coloured Teacup Persian kittens. You can use colour enhancers, specifically for your kitten’s fur colour, to make it appear lush and colourful.


Whether you decide to take your Teacup Persian kitten to the groomers is a choice entirely left to you. Regardless of the daily brushing, your kitten may have a requirement to visit a groomer every six months or so.

Indoor Kitten

Persian cats are one of the most domesticated of all cat breeds. You should not buy a Teacup Persian kitten with a view to be an outdoors cat. There is a rich history attached to Persian cats. They belonged to wealthy members of society, Kings and Queens.

The temperament also lends itself to having them as an indoor cat. They get very nervous around other people and animals. It will take time to build trust between you and your Teacup Persian kitten.

Another reason a Teacup Persian kitten should be kept indoors is their biological make-up. Their bodies are soft and very susceptible to pollution and noise.

Now you should have a good idea on what to look for if you want a Teacup Persian kitten in your life. If you decide that this is the kitten for you, there is one further bit of advice for you:

CFA Breed Registration

The first thing you should do when you bring home your Teacup Persian kitten is to get it CFA registered. Your kitten’s bloodline will need to be established.


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