Unique Ways to Remember a Special Pet

Written by Jake Dunning

Pets are amazing. Not only are they lots of fun to be around, they are good for our health. There’s proof that owning a pet can help us to live longer, as well as be happier in general. However, the only bad thing about having a pet is that they don’t live anywhere near as long as we do. This means there always comes a point where we have to say bye. With that in mind, here are some unique ways to remember a special pet:

Get a Tattoo

Whether you’re a fan of tattoos or not, getting a tattoo to remember your pet could be a really nice idea. You might not get a tattoo commemorating your pet gerbil, but many people do it for their dogs, cats, and pets who have been there for a large portion of their lives. You could have your pet’s name, a pawprint, or even a cartoon portrait of them depending on the styles you like. Just make sure to look at portfolios first to find an artist that you really like. Money shouldn’t matter too much when it comes to something like this – you’ve got it forever, so be sensible!

Have Some Jewelry Made With Their Ashes

Sentimental jewelry is lovely, and now you can make yours more meaningful than ever. Rather than just having something engraved with a name and date, you can actually have pieces made from your pet’s ashes. specialise in making you a piece of jewelry that you love and contains part of your pet for you to treasure forever. It might sound gross to some, but it’s a really lovely way of commemorating your pets and keeping them closeby forever.  



Dedicate a Piece of the Garden to Them

If you have a large garden, dedicating a piece of your garden to them might be a nice idea. Perhaps you could make it a place they liked to spend time, but any piece will work. You can include a bench, headstone/plaque, and anything else that will let people know this part of the garden is special.

Make a Fun Video

You probably have a ton of pictures and videos of your pets. Smartphones have made it so easy to create them these days! Why not make a fun compilation video of your pet’s best bits? You can look back and watch this video when you miss them. Make it an uplifting video that reminds you what a great life they lived. Use nice music too. You can create a good one with the help of sites like If you can’t do this yourself, pay somebody to do it for you!

Have Them Painted

Why not have your pet painted by a commissioned artist? If there’s somebody around who’s work you like a lot, ask them to create a picture of your pet for you that you can display proudly in your home.

Which one of these suggestions will you use to remember your pet? Let me know in the comments!


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