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Top Tips on Caring for Your New Pet Pig

Written by Jake Dunning

Some people turn their noses up at owning a pig for a pet, however; they are cleaner than you think and make wonderful pets in the home! You’d be surprised at just how similar they are to owning a dog. They are intelligent, and can be very loyal and obedient when treated properly. You can house train them, and even train them to walk nicely on their lead. However, they do have some unique care requirements that you should be prepared for before going out and buying your pet pig. Read on for top tips:

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Make Sure You’re Allowed a Pet Pig

If you live in a shared house, a rented property, or are a lodger in somebodies home, you may not be permitted to keep a pig as a pet. Make sure that you aren’t restricted so that you and your pig can be happy together for many years – you don’t want to have to sell him on to somebody else!

Make Sure You’ve Got What it Takes to Care For a Pig

Your pig needs to be kept healthy and happy for it’s own well being. You need to treat him with care and ensure he has everything he needs to live happily!

  • Pigs are social creatures, so you need to make sure you have plenty of time to interact with your new pig. You also need to make sure your pig knows you are the boss, otherwise they could end up spoiled and grumpy. Two pigs is a good idea, so they can keep each other company.

  • Pigs are extremely curious and clever; once they learn how to do something they won’t forget. This includes chewing up the carpet! Make sure they’re constantly stimulated, otherwise they could become destructive and chew up furniture.

  • Pigs need an outside area where they can get back to their natural habitat.

  • Pigs can live up to 20 years; are you prepared to keep him for that long? They’ll need food for as long as they live, regular vaccinations, supplies from, and anything else they require.

Love Your Pig

Pigs love interacting with their owners and they’ll often come to you for a fuss or a tickle. You should also make sure that they have the right facilities to wallow in water to regulate their body temperature.

Be Careful of Letting Them Have Free Rain

If you let them have free rain over your garden, you could find that they quickly plow up the grass and mud and totally wreck the area. However, you do need to make sure that they are allowed to graze over your garden and are fed a varied diet.

Make Sure They Have a Nice Bed

Your pet pig’s bed needs to be in a sheltered space. Younger pigs like deep litter so they can burrow in it, while adult pigs will be content with wood shavings.

We hope you and your new pet pig have a great time together and a happy life!

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