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Top Reasons Why You Should Buy A Dog This Summer

Written by Jake Dunning

If you’ve never owned a family pet before, now could be the best time to purchase a suitable one and introduce it into your home. While some people opt for cats, I happen to think they’re a little too independent, and so you want something more fun and loving like a dog. The reasons for this are many and vast, which is why I’m going to spend the next five minutes highlighting some of the most prominent. Hopefully, after that you’ll be under no illusion about what a dog can bring to your family unit, and why getting one now is such a fantastic idea. So, get comfortable and give me your attention for a little while because I guarantee both you, and your children will thank me later.

Dogs Are Fun To Be Around

There can be no denying that dogs aren’t the smartest animals in the world, but that just makes them more fun to be around. Many people claim owning a canine is a little like having a new baby in the house; you have to look after them and give them attention constantly. Even so, they are very responsive, and always offer their owners unconditional love. This is a joy for most, and so you definitely want to try it out.

Dogs Will Give You Exercise

While it is technically you that has to walk a dog, in truth, we all know they’re the ones in control. So, if you currently spend a lot of time wasting away in front of the television when you get back from work, maybe getting a dog would be a wise move because you’d do something far healthier that helps you to get some fresh air, and also stops you from becoming too much of a couch potato.

Dogs Are Great Company

You might have to pay for some dog training if your new little friend doesn’t seem to know how to behave properly, but this is inexpensive, and worth every penny. Most dogs are brilliant company after they’ve been trained. They want to spend time with you on the sofa cuddling, they want to lie down with you in bed, and some of them even fetch you things from time to time (whether you need them or not).

Dogs Will Protect Your Home

I’m not trying to scare you here, and the chances of your property being broken into are pretty slim. Still, most dogs will go absolutely mental if anyone tries to break in, and the noise from their bark alone acts as a deterrent. So, while you don’t want to purchase a dog for this reason alone, it is one of the many benefits and advantages of having one at home.

So my friends, you should now understand a little more about why getting a dog is the best idea you’ve had this year. Just remember that there are plenty of rescue animals out there who need a loving home, and so you should probably visit the shelters first.

See you soon!


Top Reasons Why You Should Buy A Dog This Summer



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