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Top products (to buy) for your Pet Hamster

Written by netpetsc

Maybe you’re a first-time hamster owner, or a fairly seasoned owner that’s perhaps looking to gift their little friend(s) with something new to play with.  In either case, there are plenty of exciting products out there in the pet supply market to choose from.  Some of the more serious pet owners might even want to take this opportunity to go ahead and trade up their current habitat for something shiner and more fully-featured.  All questioning aside, here are some of the top products that you might be interested in buying for your pet hamster.

Habitrail Cristal Hamster Habitat

As mentioned above, there’s nothing wrong with replacing your hamster’s habitat entirely, especially if you can find one that has a proven, effective design (and facilitates a more balanced lifestyle for the creatures).  In short, the Habitrail Cristal Hamster Habitat is a cozy little pad for your pet (with a sort of 60’s mod retro look to it).  First off, it allows the air to circulate nicely, which is extremely important and promotes overall better health.  The rounded design also allows for easier cleanup too, as well as a safer, multilevel experience which really seems to satiate the hamster’s need to conceal itself.  Moreover, the habitat includes its own “amenities”, such as an exercise wheel (which won’t injure their limbs) and a “look-out platform” that has its own ladder.

Super Pet Perfect Chews for Hamsters

Super Pet Perfect Chews for Hamsters was created for one simple purpose – to provide your little buddy with something to gnaw on.  As you might expect, it’s really important for hamsters to exercise their teeth and jaws, it allows them to remain in top form, both physically and perhaps even mentally (it would seem).  These “perfect chews” are also completely disposable, meant to be used as a treat as well as a distraction or a activity for them to engage in.  You can hang one in your pet’s cage within seconds and they will probably immediately start to chew on it.

Super Pet 7-Inch Run-About Ball

If you’d like your hamster to be able to run around your home, or perhaps you’re looking for a good temporary housing solution for those days when you have to clean out the cage, then this Super Pet 7-Inch “Run-About Ball” is for you.  Being entirely clear, it’s easy for your pet to see around it on all sides, allowing it to see exactly where it’s moving at all times.  Furthermore, this product features a design (and size) that’s big enough so as not to place any undue stress on the animal’s spine (which is a problem with other units).

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