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Tiny Tips For Tiny Paws

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While most of the country favour larger animals, dogs of all breeds and cats of all colours as pets, there are some out there who prefer the pets of a tiny nature: rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs are but a few of these. These little pets that live in smaller spaces are just as vital to a family and are as valuable as a larger pet.

It’s extremely important that whichever you breed you decide to go for, you invest in the right pet insurance. If there is a vet business management company close by to you, you can get some information from them as to where the most trusted vet surgeries are too! To that end, it’s important you and your family know how to care for your chosen animal and in this guide, we’re going to help you do just that!

  • Fish:  No paws here, but still a tiny pet! Starting small, most families love to get their first fish to teach their children a very simple way of feeding and caring for a pet. Goldfish are a beautiful and popular option with most children and sometimes they can live for up to 20 years. It’s important to have the right equipment and this includes a large tank, silk plants, pebbles and a net to help you remove the fish to clean the tank.
  • Birds: From budgies to parrots, birds make fantastic pets. It’s possible to train birds in the same way as dogs and cats as they can understand tone and voice cues. Having the right food and cages is important as you want to ensure you have the right size home for the breed you bring home. Some birds love to have a mate so getting budgies in pairs is a great idea to help them be social.
  • Hamsters: These little critters are nocturnal and while most live in solitude, are very calm pets. Hammies are easy for children to care for and if you’re a night owl, you’ll find the ideal pet in your hamster. You can buy impressively complicated cages with many floors and tubes but really all most hamsters need is nice food, warm bedding and some toilet roll tubes to hide in. Grab a hamster ball or an exercise wheel and watch him run!
  • Rabbit: A social and affectionate animal, rabbits are popular as a family pet but care must always be taken as they need to be handled correctly to feel safe. They need a lot of hay and a good diet to keep their teeth short so fresh carrots please! If you have the space, a large hut and run in the garden will keep them active and happy.

Small pets can be fantastic to have in the home and if you are paying attention, you will be able to see how they and your family flourish in their presence. These top tips for tiny paws should hopefully sway your decision as to what little pet you’d like to get for your home.

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