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Things you’ll need to buy for your new pet hamster

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Hamsters are probably one of the more popular modern pets, having been domesticated around the year 1939.  Since then, these small, extremely cute creatures have found their way into the hearts and hands of countless people.  Since you’re reading this it’s safe to assume that you’re ready to take the plunge and adopt your first hamster but aren’t quite sure about what you might need to buy in order to properly care for it.  No need to worry, we’ve got you covered with a dedicated list of essentials for new pet hamster owners…

A cage

Naturally, you can’t have your hamster running around freely at all times as it might be dangerous for them.  A decent enclosure should be fully ventilated and be virtually escape-proof; after all, they can be rather cunning creatures that are capable of sliding through small spaces or even bite their way past plastic barriers.  Moreover, some cages might feature a system or network of pipes for the hamsters to run around in, which can be bad if your particular breed is destined to become large enough to become trapped in one of them.

Always do your research and determine the appropriate dimensions for your particular hamster, accounting for those which might grow quite large.  Similarly, you need to foster the sort of atmosphere that might be conducive to introducing a new pet, so no loud noises or banging for a while until the hamster has settled in to its new surroundings.


Just like humans, hamsters are also fond of soft materials to lounge around and sleep on.  Most people tend to pick up various brands of wood chips which might have been specifically brought to market to line hamster cages with, but there are other, more attractive, less “wooded” options.  For instance, there are now a variety of paper-based options to choose from, as well as conventional materials which you can fashion your own lining from.  A lot of people simply prefer to shred newspapers, tissues or even toilet paper as it tends to work just as well as anything else.

An internal shelter

Inside your hamster cage you must also place some type of sturdy hut which your pet can sleep in and flee to.  Not only does this seem to give a hamster a sense of protective calm, it also affords you the chance to get creative with your choices as nearly anything that’s easy to clean and tough for the animal to damage will work.


There’s a reason that they call the small exercise wheels in pet cages “hamster wheels” – they love them and frequently jump on board for quick sessions.  In choosing a wheel, be sure that he design isn’t at all dangerous; you wouldn’t want your small friend to get on of its legs caught up in something.

Food and water

Arguably, the most important thing that all hamster owners must take extra-special care in is their choice in food and water.  Aside from clean, preferably purified water and nutritionally-balanced food pellets / seeds, you’re also going to need a small dish to place their grub as well as a spouted water bottle (that’s attached to the cage).

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