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Things to Buy Before Picking up Your Puppy

Written by Jake Dunning

Are you planning on picking up a new puppy soon? Congratulations! A new puppy is much like introducing a new baby into the family. They are not only a pet to us, but a beloved family member too. Before you bring the puppy home, there are some important things you must have ready first. Here are some of the most important things to have in place before picking them up:

A Water Bowl

You can buy bowls in all different sizes, so make sure you have a suitable puppy water bowl ready for when you bring the new addition home. You can even find water bowls that are resistant to splashing, so your floor should stay dry.

A Food Bowl

Along with the water bowl, buy a matching food bowl for your puppy so they can happily eat their food. The food bowl should be puppy sized too.

Puppy Training Pads

All puppies are going to poo and wee on the floor when you first get them. It’s a fact! You can’t get angry with them though; they don’t know what else they’re supposed to do! You must simply train them so that they know to go to the door when they need to go to the toilet. Puppy training pads can help to catch mess from puppies, and you can eventually teach them that they are supposed to go outside. You must be consistent with this though.

A Puppy Collar and Lead

Puppy collars are obviously smaller than an average collar, and you’ll need a lead too so you can walk them when the vet gives you the go ahead. You’ll need to repurchase larger models as your puppy grows into a dog, but you must have these ready for when you bring your puppy home.

A Name Tag

To go on your puppy’s collar, have a name tag made. This tag can be kept all throughout their life, so it’s a worthwhile investment. It’s especially helpful if your dog gets out or gets lost; when somebody finds them, they know their name, your name, and your number. You may even be able to have your postcode on the tag, depending on how large it is. You may want to buy the other dog accessories too, but this is optional.

A Comfy Bed

Some dogs don’t do well with a bed, because they rip it up and think it’s some kind of toy. However, you should try them with one to see how it goes to start with. Try to make their sleeping area as comfortable as possible for them.


Puppy toys are essential for keeping them occupied and stopping them from ragging your clothes, furniture, and shoes. If you don’t get them toys, then they will find other, more expensive things to play with.

Puppy Food

Dogs of different ages need different foods, so make sure you consult a vet and buy them the right type.

Now you know what to buy before picking up your puppy, you can make your home suitable for their arrival. Enjoy the new addition to your family!


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