The Most Unusual Facts About Your Household Pooch

Written by Jake Dunning


A dog is one of the most popular choices when it comes to a household pet. Their are smaller breeds and larger breeds. There is a dog for everyone. However there are some many known facts about your household pooch that I am sure you won’t be aware of. So I thought I would share with you all some of them.

Your dog isn’t actually color blind.

It seems that most people think their dog is color blind. But dogs can see some colour. It may not be as great as us humans, but they can see in colour. However, in the morning and at night this is very limited.

Does a dog have any sweat glands?

Yes they do. Dog’s do perspire. However the only sweat glands on a dog is on the paw pads. Meaning that they don’t perspire as much as we do.

Not all dogs can swim.

I think most people would assume that all dogs can swim. They may choose not to. But they should all be capable of the doggy paddle, right? Wrong. Basset Hounds cannot swim. It may be the only breed that physically can’t. But it proves that not all dogs are competent.


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Dogs can eat fruit.

I’m not sure anyone has ever asked what fruits can dogs eat. But at some point they must have. There is information out there to state what fruits are safe for a dog. What should be avoided, and what they can have in moderation. It isn’t just the dog food they like it seems.

The fastest dog ever is…

The greyhound. Perhaps this may not be surprising to you. But did you know they can reach speeds of up to 45mph? How fast is that?

Obesity is just as rife in dogs as it is in humans.

Obesity is the number one health problem amongst household pets. This can be due to overfeeding and not exercising your dog enough.

Your dogs fingerprint is it’s nose.

A dog’s nose is so unique that in some cases it can be just as successful as a fingerprint for a human is. Using the nose to identify the dog itself.

Would you have your household pet in your family photograph?

Over 58% of dog owners include their household dog in a family portrait. Signifying that they see their dog as part of the family.

No chocolate treats for your pet dog.

Unfortunately a treat we would consider lovely could be a killer for your pet dog. Chocolate contains an ingredient not too dissimilar to caffeine which can kill your dog. Avoid chocolate at all times is the best advice.

No matter what anyone say’s your dog can understand you.

It’s true. Your dog can understand up to 250 words or gestures that you say. So when they do tilt their head from side to side they are listening to your every word.

Dogs can have vivid dreams just like us.

They say that a dog’s sleeping pattern is very similar to ours. With Rapid Eye Movement. This means that when they are in that state they can dream just like we can. I have a feeling it might be dreams about running in fields and less about money troubles and work related matters. But we may be proven wrong.

I hope these facts make you a little more clued up on your household pet.

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