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The Equestrian Question: A Small Guide To Being A First-Time Horse Owner

Written by netpetsc

Owning a horse is an absolute joy. It can also be a lot of work! There is a lot to take on board when it comes to buying a horse. You need to remember that a healthy horse is a happy horse! Horses require lots of love, care, and attention, as well as the basics, such as food, water, and shelter. Not forgetting that horses need a place to roam. Remember that while owning a horse is a wonderful thing, there is a constant responsibility. A lot of the basic horse care covers many different aspects, but for lots of horse lovers, the journey begins with grooming.

There are different grooming tools with different functions. The first one is a curry comb, and this loosens the dirt and extra hair, bringing it to the surface. Once it is done, you use a body brush to smooth the hair out and to flick off the shavings, and doing it helps a horse’s skin to become silky and shiny. Making sure that you brush the mane and the tail will help to keep tangles and knots out for the most part. You should always make sure that your horse is groomed before riding, but if time is a factor, grooming them once a week at least, is recommended.

When it comes to caring for a horse, there are many different types of care depending on the season. So, for example, in spring, horses may need to be groomed more often as they are shedding their winter coat prior to the warm weather in the summer. So in this instance use a shedding blade. There are many other things that you need to factor in, and that would include the intended use of your horse, housing, land size, pasture, fencing, feed, and healthcare, which covers many different aspects, such as dental care, and the horse’s feet. You need to decide where to keep your trusty steed, whether in the backyard or at a stable. There are advantages to having a horse in a stable, the main one being having trusted and reliable help there. There are different types of stables, such as internal ones, external ones, and mobile field shelters, which can be seen on the website of many stable businesses, such as Vale Stables. If you wish to keep your horse at home in a backyard stable, you can, but as long as you do your research and go to stables to get some experience and advice in providing proper care.

When it comes to a horse’s diet, they eat grain, pasture, and hay, of which there are many different qualities and types, so it can vary in price and quality. There are very thin types of hair, and coarser varieties. Remember to have plenty of water. If they don’t drink enough water they can get impacted very easily and need help from a vet. They always need water in front of them, and always make sure that you have a horse first-aid kit with you at all times!

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