The Dos and Donts of Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Written by Jake Dunning

If you plan on becoming a dog owner, it’s so important to make sure you keep your dog healthy. You might think you know what to do, but some things aren’t so obvious. For example, did you know that feeding your dog human chocolate is poisonous to them? This guide will tell you so much more too. Read on for more dos and dont’s:

Do Take Them for a Regular Checkup

Your dog should be taken for a regular checkup, even if you’re pretty sure that there’s nothing wrong with them. A vet will be able to notice anything serious before it crops up, which can save your dog’s life in some cases. Don’t ever leave it too long without taking your dog for a checkup.

Don’t Ignore Warning Signs

If your dog is displaying warning signs that they could be ill, don’t dismiss them or try to make excuses. It’s always best to have them seen to just in case something scarier is lurking below the surface. Something really simple, like a dog drinking lots of water all of a sudden, can point to kidney problems.

Do Give Them Treats Occasionally

Giving your dog treats is a great way to reward them. However, too many can lead to weight gain, so be cautious. Make sure you only feed them treats designed for dogs! Their dog food should be suited to them too. Some dogs have sensitive tummies, while others are fine with anything. Foods such as WellyTails homemade dog food are high quality and suitable for all dogs. Buy testers of food if you’re unsure.

Don’t Feed Them Human Food

Feeding dogs human food is one of the worst things you can do. Chocolate, as mentioned before, can kill a dog. Even grapes, while healthy for humans are bad for dogs! Some foods are good for dogs: eggs, sweet potato, and rice are fine. Stay away from rich foods that could upset their tummies though.

Do Play With Them When You Can

Play with your dog to keep them stimulated when you can. Don’t ignore them, especially if they haven’t got a canine pal to play with. Something as simple as throwing a ball could be enough for them. Tug of war games can be risky, so be careful with them.


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Don’t Let Them Be the Boss of You

You should be the one to decide when playtime starts and ends. Don’t let your dog be the boss of you, or they’ll think they are pack leader. You are the pack leader and your dog needs to know their place – just know you don’t have to use violence to reinforce your status!

Do Walk Them Everyday

Most dogs need to be walked every day. The only exception is really small dogs, although you may still need to play with them. Make sure your dog gets enough exercise for their breed type.

Don’t Use a Choke Chain

Some people still use choke chains and similar walking accessories in this day and age. These accessories do not work and could even be considered lazy. By training your dog to walk with you nicely from an early age, you shouldn’t feel the need to buy anything like this.

If you’re ever unsure of anything, call your vet or consult the internet (it’s usually pretty accurate). Good luck!


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