Spoil Your Pet: The Most Expensive Pet Products

Written by Jake Dunning

Due to the sheer amount of joy your pet gives you on a daily basis, they deserve to be treated at every given opportunity. Be it with their favourite treats, a new comfy bed, or a new toy to play with around the house, your pet should be rewarded for his/her contribution your happiness every single day.

What if money was no object, and instead of driving to your nearest pet store and picking up something small for your pet to enjoy, you went online and purchased an extravagant gift for your beloved pet?

Below is a list of the most expensive pet products money can buy. Prepare to be shocked by how much someone people would be willing to pay to please their pet.


Louis XV Pet Pavilion: Cost – $24,000

Designed with Louis XV’s furnishings in mind, this hand carved rosewood “pet pavilion” with beautiful dark green drapes on either side of its front opening, is fit for a king and your dog. The major problem with this product however – along with the ludicrous twenty-four thousand dollar price tag – is the drapes. It is difficult to foresee a dog not ripping the pavilion’s drapes off their curtain rod and proceeding to eat them. Examples of cheaper kennels or pens which will not leave you having to wrestle thousands of dollars worth of drapes from the mouth of your dog, can be found at

Pet Tiara: Cost – $4.2 million

When you considered what are the essential items that you need to buy your pet, it is doubtful that you would consider a pet tiara to be one of these essentials. Made from 250 carats worth of diamonds and emeralds, this $4.2 million (yes, million) tiara is the product that your pet could not want less. If you take the plunge and buy it, prepare to be disappointed by the fact that your pet will shake the tiara off and then bark at you.

Amour Amour Dog Collar: Cost – $3.2 million

If the Pet Tiara is not really suitable for your pet, you could always try the Amour Amour 52 carat diamond dog collar. This $3.2 million dog collar is a beautiful piece of jewelry, but may not be the most practical collar if your pet finds his/her way out of the house. It would be difficult to relocate a dog without having the owner’s contact details on his/her dog collar.

22 Carat Gold-Thread Mattress: Cost – $3,000

Your pet will not realise – or understand – that this 22 carat gold-thread mattress cost you two months rent, but he/she will still love it. This extravagant mattress is arguably the item on this list that your pet would genuinely appreciate. However, it is unlikely that you will appreciate that your pet’s bed is more comfortable than your own.

Super Dog House: Cost – $410,825

No, you dog does not need a television; he/she does not need a spa; he/she does not need a sheepskin sofa. That does not mean you can not buy all of these things. For a cool $410,825, all of these unnecessary amenities can be yours with the Super Dog House.

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