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Some of the best pets to get for children

Written by netpetsc

Owning their first pet is something of a right-of-passage for many children around the world.  Pretty much everybody goes through a phase when they’re growing up when they really want to adopt some type of animal – perhaps you remember your own personal experience with this?  As with any other endeavor which involves complicated choices and responsibilities, there are a number of things that one must think about when it comes to giving your kid a pet.

First and foremost is their own safety; after all, you don’t want a dangerous animal roaming about in your house, now do you?  Likewise, there’s the notion of care, i.e. – will your child be able to take care of that latest addition to your household?  Finally, we have the “value” of the pet itself; in other words, what lessons will it teach your kid about the world and life?  Ideally, you want to choose a pet that adequately excels in each of the aforementioned areas, not one, but all of them.  Well, there’s no need to go searching about for a list appropriate animals, we’ve provided one for you…


Perhaps the best option where pets are concerned is that of fish.  Specifically, the sort of varieties that you might find in your local pet store such as the goldfish or betta, with the latter being perhaps one of the easiest types to care for.  In most instances you only need to maintain its feeding schedule and remember to clean out the tank once in a while (assuming you don’t have some type of water filtering system set up to do that for you).  Also, having a fish tank or sizable aquatic display around the home is handy if you want to pick up additional forms of marine life later on, such as hermit crabs or eels.

Turtles and other reptiles

Where other types of pets might bank on being adorable and furry, animals like the turtle (along with other small reptiles) have other assets – in particular, their often long life-spans.  Properly cared for, the Horsfield’s tortoise can actually live up to half a century, for example, making for a very interesting choice.  In general, turtles are probably a better pet choice because they tend to eat vegetation, other types of reptiles which feed on other live creatures might not be ideal.

Hamsters, Gerbils or Guinea Pigs

A small mammal such as a Hamster, Gerbil or Guinea Pig might also make for a good child’s pet.  Possessing rather friendly demeanors and being able to flourish in smaller areas (like a cage) make each of the three animals listed above excellent choices.  Your children will delight in being able to actually handle these furry creatures or watch them exercising on their wheel.   Moreover, each of these three examples helps to convey important life lessons to your kids, including responsibility.


Perhaps the most obvious choice of pet where children are concerned is a cat.  While they’re not new or particularly exotic, cats have been faithful human pets for ages and their gentle, somewhat self-interested demeanor means that they’re great with young people.  Moreover, it’s not very difficult to take care of or train a cat either, which means they can adapt to virtually any type of living environment.

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