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It can be an exciting feeling to bring home a cute, little puppy but there is a lot you need to do in order to ensure that the puppy easily settles in your home. Right from taking steps for puppy proofing the house to buying toys for them, it is easy to become stressed. In order to help you ensure that the puppy easily adjusts in your house, here is a checklist of the things you need to do.

Puppy Proofing

Just like toddlers, puppies are extremely curious. They do not know what is safe or what is harmful and they cannot stay off limits. When a puppy gets something into his mouth, he is going to chew it which is why you need to puppy proof the home. You will be able to protect the house and avoid bad habits. Look at the house from the perspective of a puppy in order to ensure that you do not miss anything on the ground. If there is anything dangerous, keep it aside into locked cupboard doors or store it out of reach of the puppy. You will have to tie all the electrical cords and keep them out of reach. Keep all your valuables away and do not keep the shoes in an open closet. If you want to ensure that the puppy does not chew something, you need to prevent the puppy from getting there. You need to immediately switch to garbage cans which have lids because food smell will attract the puppy. Do not miss out to check the backyard for any hazards.

Go shopping

It is essential to buy all the necessities including chew toys and crate before bringing the puppy home. The crate is a very invaluable tool to keep the puppy safe in case you cannot supervise him. It will also help simplify the house training routine. It is important to pick the right size for the puppy. You also need to buy a leash and collar based on the breed of the dog. Teething puppies will need chew toys and you will have to pick the ones which are not very small for the puppy. You also need to buy grooming tools and treats for the little puppy.

Pushing Paper

It is indeed fun to play with the puppy but there are some tasks you need to take care of. First and foremost, you will have to name the puppy and there might be a name given to him by the breeder but you will have to use an informal name which you can choose. There are certain requirements related to the registration of the puppy. You might have to register the puppy under the American Kennel Club. The breeder might have done it for you but if he has not, you can do it yourself. Find a vet or a pet professional, maybe a groomer and make it a point to visit them first. Ask for references and get to know about the location of the closest emergency vet clinic. If after a while you feel that you made a wrong decision or are not yet prepared to live with a puppy in your home, you can sell your puppy to a loving owner. There are many different ways you can find a customer. Andrew White from says that most people think that the best way to sell puppies is to price lower than your competition. My experience is that the opposite is true. The customers that you want are not looking for the cheapest, they are looking for the best.

Make introductions

The puppy will require some time to get used to the new environment and you need to give this time. He will also miss his family until he gets used to your family. You need to remain patient and not overwhelm him. You need to start by showing the puppy around and let him know where his food is, where his water bowl is and allow him to explore with supervision. Do not give him the run of the house on the first day. You need to give the puppy enough space at the beginning. Too many cuddles will become stressful but it is important that you introduce everyone one after another and not at the same time.

You need to consider the puppy as a part of your family and give him all the love and care you would give to any other member. Remain patient when dealing with them in the initial months.

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