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Must-Have Products For Every New Puppy

Written by Jake Dunning

Dogs have long been our faithful companions. When it comes to looking after them, we want to make sure that they have everything they need. But, it can be tough to decide which puppy accessories are must-haves and which ones are luxuries. Of course, if your budget permits, you can splash out on your pampered pooch. But, if money is a little tight, it’s okay to start with the essentials. After all, you can build your puppy’s toy box as time goes on.

Collar and a Leash

Yes, you’ve guessed it. This is a must have accessory. After all, you cannot walk your dog without. An everyday collar can ensure that you have your dogs tag in place. If they go missing, people know who to return him too. Your leash should be extendable so that your dog can run free. Don’t go for a cheap leash. It’s vital that you get something that is comfortable for your hound. Adjustable collars are a must. But, if it feels too tight as your puppy grows, replace it. They will be uncomfortable and in pain if they are not given the right collar for their growing needs.

A Place to Sleep

A dog needs a bed to call their own. You need to make sure that they have a comfortable, soft bed that keeps them warm. Shorter hair dogs can feel the cold in the winter. So, it’s important that they have a lined bed to make a nest in. Bitch New York has advised that sheepskin and fleece are the best materials to use in a dog bed. Add pillows and cushions to your dog’s bed. Many puppies like to hide in their bedding, so allow them this pleasure.


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Water and Food Bowls

Always make sure that you invest in two separate bowls. It’s important that you go for glass or ceramic. Of course, stainless steel is a cost-effective option too.  This ensures that your puppy is safe from harmful bacteria that can be found in plastic containers.

Grooming Your Pampered Pooch

Your dog deserves some love. So, it’s important to buy a range of doggy grooming accessories. Not only is this important for strong, healthy fur. But, it also ensures that you can find any problematic skin problems. Ticks, fleas and pests can be found in the skin and hair. By making sure that you have a grooming regimen in place, you can spot these critters immediately. This is the best way to keep your dog happy and healthy. Make sure that you have conditioning spray and ear cleaning products too. Dogs with drooping ears need their ears cleaned on a regular basis. This ensures that dirt and debris are not trapped causing ear infections.


Like children, puppies like to be entertained. They need to have a good selection of toys to beat the boredom. After all, a bored puppy is a destructive puppy. Soft toys, ropes and bones are great toys for puppies to have. Chew toys are perfect for naughty puppies as it satisfies their need to bite on furniture.



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