Looking After Your Pets At Christmas

Written by Jake Dunning


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Everyone knows that the holidays can be super stressful, extremely busy and packed with small decisions you have to make on a daily basis. It can be easy to lose track of your pet, forget about their walk or have to rearrange their bed to make room for overnight guests. Not everyone loves animals, so minimize your pet’s contact with that person, but your pet is part of your family, so you’ll want them to feel included as much as possible. Simply by following a few of these easy rules, you’ll know that your furry friend won’t be feeling left out or worse neglected when all your family and friends descend.

Decide In Advance Where You’ll Be

Sometimes the hardest part of Christmas is deciding who’s going to be hosting the celebrations and how far you need to travel over the holidays. If you have everyone over then lucky you but what happens if you need to drive or fly elsewhere? Dogs are normally pretty good at behaving themselves in the car; smaller dogs can go in a pet carrier; however, you may want to get your dog used to traveling before beginning a five-hour car journey. It’s actually quite easy to fly with your pet but do make sure to get the proper travel documents, vaccinations and check-ups well before you fly. Small dogs are sometimes allowed on the plane in a carrier, but most animals go securely in the hold. If you don’t think your dog will be happy traveling long distances it may be best to leave them with a friend or relative.

Pick Out Pet Friendly Presents

Every dog deserves to have a good Christmas and there are some fabulous christmas gifts for dogs out there, including personalized bowls, snazzy leads, and designer dog beds. Pick out a few presents you know your pet will love as well as a few extra doggie treats. Why not visit a pet-friendly store, or indeed an actual pet store to stock up on their favorite food, toys, and collars, so they have plenty to tear open? You could even continue the theme and buy little gifts for your friend’s pets so they can enjoy the fun. Has anyone sat for your dog, cat or guinea pig recently? Give them a personal Christmas card from your pet to say thank you! Try to make sure that you spend plenty of time with your pet including walks just the two of you over the festive season, plus making sure they have somewhere quiet to retreat to from the excitement.

Get Them An Extra Comfy Bed

Unfortunately, pets are often the first ones to get moved if extra space is required, and at no time is more space needed than when you’re trying to squeeze ten people around a six person dining table. Why not soften the blow and buy your dog a luxury pet bed? They come in a range of fabrics and styles, shapes and sizes and will help your pet to feel better. If do you plan on leaving your pet for short periods of time you can also buy special pet warmers and heat pads that will keep them cozy during cold weather.


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