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How To Treat Your Pet’s Ailments With Natural Remedies

Written by Jake Dunning

If you have a pampered pooch or a clever cat that has recently developed some kind of medical problem, then you would do whatever you can to make their symptoms go away as quickly as possible. But with the high cost of vet bills, it can leave a lot of families strapped for cash.

Although there are times when you have no choice but to spend the money for treatment from your vet, for many ailments there is a much cheaper alternative to those high costs, and that is using natural, proven remedies.

Here is the lowdown on some common ailments in dogs and cats, and what you can do to treat them the natural and cheaper way; after reading this article, you will wonder why you didn’t look into this sooner!

Citrus Fruits (Fleas)

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One unfortunate thing that a lot of dog and cat owners will have to deal with from time to time is those nasty little unwanted house guests which we commonly refer to as fleas! These nasty little critters can give our friends a nasty time because they are essentially sucking blood from our pets in order to survive and breed.

In mild cases of fleas, your dog or cat will be itching a lot and if left untreated they can develop skin conditions. In severe cases, your pets may actually be allergic to the fleas and such a problem could be potentially life-threatening.

Although there are many different flea treatments available from your vet and from your local pet store, nature also has a way of helping to deal with these unwanted pests – citrus! Fleas don’t like citrus fruits like lemon or orange, so you could rub your pet’s skin with the fruit (or even the rinds from them) and this will deter them from attacking your pets.

Rose Geranium (Ticks)

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For dogs, ticks can be a big problem in some parts of the world, especially for dogs that spend a lot of their time outdoors. So rather than buying expensive treatments from your vet, you should consider using natural pet products like rose geranium essential oil.

Simply spray some rose geranium essential oil on your dog’s collar, and this will repel any ticks from attacking your canine friend (ticks hate the stuff). Note that this treatment is only suitable for dogs, and should not be used for cats under any circumstances.

Camomile Tea (Skin Conditions)

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If your dog or cat suffers from skin conditions, perhaps from birth or caused by previous problems like flea bites, then like humans the irritation can make for very uncomfortable times for your friend.

Although there are a number of products on the market that you can buy to help alleviate skin conditions, you should consider making some camomile tea, waiting for it to cool down and then putting it in a spray bottle.

You can then spray your pet’s worst affected areas and make their lives a bit more bearable from the itching.

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