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How to Make ‘Walkies’ a Great Experience for You and Your Dog

Written by Jake Dunning

Walking your dog shouldn’t just be an exciting time for them; it should be exciting for you too! The only way you can ensure that you’re both comfortable while working is by planning ahead. You’ll need to train your dog carefully and consistently, as well as selecting the perfect accessories. Let’s take a look at a few methods you can use:

Train Your Dog to Walk Next To You

The sooner you teach your dog that they must walk on the lead next to you, the better. You really can’t just expect them to know – dogs will always try to be the pack leader if given half the chance. You need to show them that you’re the pack leader by ensuring they’re next to you or behind you at all times. If they pull or walk ahead, stop walking. They should be following you and stopping when you stop, not trying to drag you to where they think they’re going. If you don’t do this, you can expect behavioural problems in other aspects of their lives too. Start as soon as you start walking them by using treats, and then slowly phase them out. There are plenty of tutorials and TV programs to help you.

Invest in a Quality Collar and Lead

By investing in a quality collar and lead, you’ll both be much more comfortable. Your hand won’t suffer from gripping the lead, and neither will your dog’s neck. Some owners still choose choke chains as a collar for their dog, but this is dangerous and inhumane. You shouldn’t need to use pain as a pulling repellant if you’re training them properly – it doesn’t even work anyway, it just makes you look like a cruel dog owner!



Consider Accessories to Make You Both More Comfortable

Aside from the lead and collar, other accessories can make you both more comfortable too. If you live in a cold area, your dog might benefit from wearing a dog coat. Research the best dog coat for winter to see what you find. Ensure it’s suitable for your breed of dog before making a purchase. If you’d like to do more than just walk with your dog, you could take them running with you or bike riding, but you’ll still need the right accessories.

Stick to a Routine and Take Them At Around the Same Time Each Day

Dogs need routine in their lives or they get depressed. You can’t just walk them when you can be bothered. They should be exercised at least once per day and for enough time that they feel satisfied. Try to take them at the same time so they have a good routine going.

Don’t Get Them Too Worked Up About it

Some dog owners really get their dogs excited for their walks, but this can lead to bad behaviour on the walk. Don’t get them too worked up and keep them as calm as possible so you have a dog that will listen to your commands.

Have fun!


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