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How to Litter Train Your Cat

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Generally, cats prefer to eliminate in areas that are sandy or have a granular nature to them. While this describes most litter boxes, most cat owners will find that not every fur ball wants to go where they are supposed to. Although the age factor does play a role in where they choose to eliminate, there are things you can do to encourage them to use the litter box.

It all starts with the right litter box

Do you consider several factors before purchasing a litter box or do you just buy one directly? One of the problems observed with cat owners is that they buy litter boxes that are too small for their felines. The proper size for a cat’s litter box should be around one and a half times its length.

Cats also prefer an uncovered box. Many owners assume that their fluff ball wants some privacy when eliminating but this is a wrong assumption. Keep in mind that cats share the same characteristics as their counterparts in the wild. Big cats in the wild are pretty tidy when it comes to what they eliminate as the smell can attract predators. In short, cats – small and big – dislike the idea of being trapped.

Then again, we are talking about a domesticated breed here. There will definitely be similarities but felines raised to be pets may have preferences of their own. Put simply, there will be some cats that prefer to use the restroom in a closed area while others will want a more open one. This is why as an owner, it’s best to observe and let them decide which kind they prefer.

In keeping with the tidy theme, it’s your duty to scoop out the litter box and this should be done every day. Apart from that, the box also needs an all out clean once a month.

It makes sense to choose litter that matches the environment they were used to

This tip is mostly applicable to cats that you adopted or fostered. For them to be comfortable using the litter box, it must be of material that was present in their previous home or environment. But if you can’t find one that is similar, just try and make sure the litter box is always clean. Some experts believe that this is the best solution rather than match the situation they had before to what they have now.

Research also suggests that a lot of cats prefer litters comprised of fine grain. The reason behind this is that they find the material soft.

There are also scented or unscented litters available but cats differ when it comes to this. Some like their litter unscented while others don’t mind scented varieties. Again, observe what your feline likes and stick with that. There is one exception when it comes to scented litters and that is avoid choosing one that is corn or wheat-based because those smell like food and no cat wants to eliminate on something that can be consumed.

It matters where the litter box is located

Location matters in encouraging your cat to use the box. Experts suggest having one box for every cat and level in your house. So if you have two cats, you will have four litter boxes in your home. It’s also best to not make getting to the litter box a chore because that would only discourage them from using it. It also helps to find a location with light.

It helps to have a cat parent

Kittens learn elimination behavior from their mother. So you’re stress free if you have a family in your home. On the other hand, if you’re raising a kitten on your own, start them off with a small box then increase the size as they grow older. Put the box in a room with their water and food and make sure to give them a treat when they use the box.

If you have an older cat, make sure the litter box is not hard to find. In case they continue to eliminate outside the box, it’s best to see a vet to find out what’s wrong.

Cats will naturally use a litter box to eliminate. So you just have to make

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