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How To Identify The Types Of Bird In Your Garden

Written by Jake Dunning


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Now that winter is over, birds will once again fly north into our country. It is a good feeling when we see the first flocks flying over as it indicates warmer times ahead.

Now the summer is nearly here is it also time to get out into the garden and make a start on tidying it. There is plenty to do, and the sooner that you make a start on it, the sooner your garden will be ready for relaxing and entertaining.

With birds in mind, when you are working in the garden this year, here are a few changes you may like to make to encourage them to visit your garden and liven it up with their song. These changes will also encourage your children to take up twitching (bird watching).

Create A Hide

For watching the little visitors, you will need some form of hide. A hide is simply a place where you can sit quietly, partially hidden, and observe the activities of the birds. Small sheds make excellent hides as they can have power supplied to them for lighting, heating, and the all important kettle.

The shed will need to be adapted slightly to convert it into a hide. To begin with, the window glass on the side of the shed needs to be removed and replaced with opening doors that are hinged at the top. When you wish to observe the birds, simply push the doors upwards and prop them open with a piece of wood. The whole shed can be painted or camouflaged with camo netting. The hide doesn’t need to be completely invisible; just enough so that it doesn’t worry the birds. Twitchers have to be still and quiet though, or the birds will know.

The hide is a great place to mount cctv cameras too, so that sometimes you are able to watch the birds from the comfort of the house.

Give The Birds a Place To Stay

Bird houses are available from and many other places online and serve as a perfect place for our feathered friends to rest their wings throughout the summer months. Mount them either on a tree or atop a metal pole that cannot be climbed by cats or other household pets. It is definitely a good idea not to keep cats if you love to see birds in your garden.


Using a reference guide and a hand pair of binoculars, you are likely to see:

  • Sparrow (Top Image)
  • Blue Tits


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  • Woodpeckers


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  • Goldfinches


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And many more species that make their way to our shores every year.

How To Attract Birds

Birds learn quickly, and if you place bird feeders around the garden they will be attracted to them and return time and time again. Over the summer season, it is likely that you will be able to identify, and give nicknames to, individual birds. Thanks to the cheapness of good quality digital cameras these days it is easy to keep photo records of your visitors too.

Bird watching is a fantastic hobby that children should be encouraged to take up. Most people, these days, have no idea what species a bird is when they look at it. Do you?

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