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How To Give Your Dog The Send-Off They Deserve

Written by Jake Dunning

It’s a cliché that’s as used as it is true. Dog truly are man’s best friend. Over centuries, they’ve been bred and grown to accompany us, to help us and be our companions. It’s no surprise that we hold a unique link to them of all animals. That’s why so many of us are hit so hard when our friends are no longer with us. A dog’s life should be celebrated, not a source of sadness. For that reason, we have special ways of remembering them.

Keeping them with you

There are all kinds of mementos we like to keep of our dogs. Some choose to keep their ashes in urns. Others hold onto their favourite toy or their collar to remember the wonderful times shared with one another. You can also go the extra step and use a service for turning pets fur into diamonds. How we choose to keep our dog with us can help us focus on the positive side of having loved them.

Taking them where they love

Another way to immortalise those happy times is to focus on where we had them. Scattering ashes takes some preparation, but it’s a ritual that can bring peace to owner and dog alike. Find somewhere beautiful you remember spending time with them and make it their place.

Growing a legacy

Another way of creating a memory for them is by growing it. There are all kinds of memorials that use positive energy to grow new life from the loss of a loved one. It’s no different for a dog. A memorial tree or even a memorial garden can give you an active way to mourn your friend and honour their memory.


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Setting it in stone

If you don’t want something quite as active, perhaps a more permanent mark can respect the life they once led. Stone memorials for dogs, from gravestones to carvings we keep in our garden, are becoming more and more commonplace. That way the sentiment carried with that life-long bond can be there every time you look at their memorial. It can also provide a place for us to grieve in private when we need to.

Remembering them

One of the most effective ways of always keeping the happy memories in the forefront of our mind is by having the proof of them. We may think it silly at the time, but a lot of us take pictures of our furry friends. Those photos can serve as a way to keep their memory alive once they are gone. A collage wall or a book of photos is an easy way of summoning all those joyous recollections when we’re feeling particularly low.

Passing the good will

If you really want to honour the relationship you once had with your friend, one positive way to do is starting a new relationship. Some owners have feelings of guilt or neglect when thinking of getting a new dog. However, not only are you helping your own recovery but providing a loving home to another creature.


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