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How to Choose the Right Cat Litter for Your Health, Your Cat’s Health & the Environment

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Making a choice about the right cat litter for your cat can certainly seem like a tricky task, given the number of features and options. There are certain things that make sense to focus on, and others that are not so important. If you are a new cat owner, this article could be especially helpful for you. 

As with any purchase, it is important to do your research before buying anything. At the same time- you don’t want to spend too much time on the process and over complicate things. Keeping these tips in mind will help you to make an informed decision. Being mindful of the health of your cat, the environment, and yourself will be important also- and ultimately lead you towards the best option.

What is the Healthiest Cat Litter for Your Cat?

When your cat has to go, it’s the general assumption that they will use whatever you put in the box, but this may not actually be the case. Like humans, cats can be particular about where they decide to go! If you choose the right litter that your cat likes to use, you will likely have much better luck with their potty habits.

Cats can be sensitive to strong odors and perfumes that are added to some cat litters, so it is important to consider one with natural, non-chemical based smells that are earthy. You don’t need chemical-based perfumes to control odors. There are highly absorbent litters that will virtually eliminate odor without the use of chemicals.

Cats will generally prefer a litter that is soft, and even sandy feeling under their paws- as opposed to one that has sharp, choppy granules. Some litter packaging will make note of the texture, but if it does not, you can test it by pressing your hand down on a clean bed of it to feel the difference. Some granules will feel really sharp. An added perk to softer litter is that it tends to be lighter and low-tracking throughout the house.

You will also want to choose a litter that is as dust-free as possible. When your cat kicks and digs around, flinging litter around, they will be right there, breathing in that dust, which can lead to respiratory issues and airborne allergens in the home. It can also start to spread outside of the litter box. If you simply pour the litter from a few inches up, you can visibly see if there is a dust plume that comes from this. If there is, you can likely find a better product.

What is the Best Eco-Friendly Cat Litter for the Environment?

Cleaning the cat litter box

Environmental concerns continue to be a hot topic lately, in all areas of life. From cleaning materials to general products that we all use in our daily lives. You will always find someone that is more likely to consider these factors than others. It is important to realize however that the same chemicals that impact the human and animal bodies, can also impact the environment.

A lot of controversy seems to exist over litter that is made from one material or another and what is most sustainable. Also, things like, a low carbon footprint, most biodegradable, compostable, and excluding  chemicals that enter the environment- are all important considerations. It sounds like a lot to factor in, but really it is not- as several manufacturers are becoming more conscious of these aspects now, which makes it easier for you as a consumer.

When you have determined a few good options for cat litter for your cat, ones that are naturally or non-scented, soft, and 99% or more dust-free, then it is important to know how these options are produced. The cat litter market is fairly competitive, so you will not have to work too hard to see which litters are eco-friendly. You will see it on the packaging, and you can look for more proof on their website and of course, the back labels.

Be sure to look for litters that are sourced ethically and produced sustainably- and work to reduce their environmental impact, and energy consumption when in production. This is a very important concern, especially considering how much cat litter is consumed and used around the world, and disposed of. Choose a brand that is able to explain how they obtain their raw materials. Also, pay attention to their packaging. Is it efficient and recyclable? The best choices for this are those that are chemical-free (no additives, perfumes, synthetics) and combine the aspect of well sourced raw materials that absorb well and eliminate odor, without the use of harsh chemicals.

What is The Best Cat Litter for Your Health, Your Budget and Your Home?

This is important, but we want to make sure that your decision is not purely made based on convenience and cost. Many people on a budget will automatically go for the cheapest product, which is usually a horrible decision that will lead to a toxic product that is bad for your cat’s health, your health, and the environment.

Your cat will use this litter multiple times per day, for as long as you use it,, so it is important to choose wisely. Exposure to dust and chemicals for all, can be highly impactful over time. Price and convenience are still important, but you can probably go a step above the minimum and get a product that is healthy to use and good on the environment.

Once you have narrowed your focus on the best cat litter options, while considering the cat’s health, your health, and the environment, you can consider price and availability. There are some companies that will deliver litter on a subscription basis, which will save you the trouble of picking it up from the store, or running out. You also will want to consider litters that are conveniently packaged and not overly packaged, as this is wasteful. Also, consider this aspect for easy disposal of the litter. Automatic litter boxes and robot litter boxes (those that have self cleaning litter capabilities) have particular requirements also, so it is important to select an a clumping litter, or one that identifies itself as being fit for the job. You should also be able to find one that is both healthy for your cat, your family, and the environment, with these things in mind.

Get the Right Cat Litter for Your Overall Needs

Don’t get bogged down with the multiple options and features in the cat litter realm. Use these tips to aid your thinking and decision-making process, so you can narrow down the options quickly and make a good decision. Once you have settled on a few options, give them a try and make a decision after that! Your cat will ultimately be the best indicator, as they may not like some that you hope for them to like- but the best bet is to really experiment once you have narrowed down your choices.

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