How Should You Care For a Pet Dog?

Written by Jake Dunning

If you want to get a pet dog, there is quite a lot of research that you need to do. You will need to look into the breed of dog that is best for you. As well as if you will get a puppy or a rescue dog. There are a lot of considerations for the home too. Have you got enough space for a dog to run around or places close by that you can walk to? If you are pretty certain that you want a pet dog, then how do you go about caring for them? What happens day to day when looking after a dog? Here are some tips and advice.


 Dogs are such fun and social animals. They enjoy spending time with you, as well as other dogs. So you will need to spend a lot of time with them. They want your attention and want to feel loved and special. It is a good idea to set aside some time each day to play with them. This needs to be aside from taking them for a walk. Getting some balls that you can throw and catch, a rag or rope, are good things that you can play together with. Setting aside time to groom your dog is important too. It is a great bonding time for the both of you as well.





Like any other living thing, dogs need to take some time to rest. They need to be comfortable. So having a space set aside for them to sleep is essential. It might be kennel kept outside, or a dog bed kept inside. Perhaps a mixture of both; it will depend on the dog’s age. Make sure that it is comfortable for them, with soft beds and cushions. You can even get pyjamas for dogs, to keep them extra cozy.



Health and Feeding 

Your dog needs to be fed, like us, at least three times a day. There should always be a supply of fresh water for your dog too. You need to think of feeding your dog a healthy diet, in order to keep them active and feeling well. It might take a few tries to find a brand of dog food that your dog likes. If they keep getting sick, then you will need to seek advice from a vet, though. It is also important to keep certain things out of the reach of dogs. Don’t leave your feed or snacks lying around. They will no doubt try to eat them, and it could upset their stomach. Keeping flowers and plants out of reach is a good idea too. These can be toxic to dogs, especially flowers.


It is important to train your dog right from the start. This will help with mess and damage around the home. Try to have a lot of space to train your dog in. It is a good idea to reward your dog with some doggy treats when they do good things. This will mean they are likely to do those good things again.


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