Get Out And About More With Your Doggy Pal

Written by Jake Dunning

Lots of us get a dog as a pet so we can live a more active lifestyle. Walking with your canine is certainly a great way to get regular exercise. If you have a good size yard, it can be tempting to restrict your walks out, though. There are plenty of great ideas around right now to help you get motivated and back to it with your pooch. Start with figuring out why you haven’t been quite as walk-minded as you intended.

In the winter time, it can be wet and miserable. Having the right wet weather clothing can keep you warm and dry when you head out. Short hair dogs, and those breeds that feel the cold can make use of a doggy jacket to keep the worst of the rain off. Animals don’t tend to mind the weather or that feeling of dampness. And some dogs absolutely love running through muddy puddles!

When it’s dark out, you can still enjoy a refreshing and energizing walk out. Invest in a good flashlight. This will help you avoid trip hazards and light your way. Keep a personal alarm handy too. After dark, it’s best to keep your dog on the lead at all times to avoid losing him. You want something sturdy that you can rely on like those in Shinola’s collection online. You can even attach a small LED light to the collar so you can spot him a little easier.

If you’ve been meaning to get back into jogging and running, you might think your dog would make an excellent companion. Unfortunately, pounding the pavements can cause burns and impact pains to your dog’s unprotected paws. If you both love running, think about some routes that go cross-country, avoiding the tarmac where you can. This way, you can both keep fit and enjoy some quality time together.


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If you’re keen to take in more scenic walks, then you can prepare your car for the inevitable mess. Pack a large container of water for rinsing off the Wellington boots and the worst of the mess on your dog. Also, pack a couple of old towels. Use a plastic crate to store your boots and the dirty items. Keep a travel water bowl handy and some drinking water for you too. Don’t forget a few doggy toys! Line the dog section of your car with a waterproof liner and a couple of old blankets you can wash and dry easily.

You could invest in a fit band or fitness tracker watch. This will record your walks. You can then use the data in an app to tell you how many miles you’ve walked, your average pace, and the calories you’ve burned. It’s a great way to monitor your activity. It can also be a good way to analyse your doggy walking habits.

Getting more active with your canine is great fun and good for your health. Dogs love to be out and about, but they love it even more when they’re playing out with you. Don’t stay in the yard. Get out there!

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