General Cat Care: What You Should Do When You Have A Pet Cat

Written by Jake Dunning

You’re either a cat lover, or you are not. They are the sweetest little things. A cat can make an excellent companion for anyone. They are an ideal family pet to help children learn skills about responsibility. They are a great pet for older people to combat loneliness and encourage an active lifestyle. They are great pets in general. So I thought I would share with you some of the things you should do to encourage good cat ownership.

Regular grooming

I don’t think many cats will like to be brushed or groomed. But whether they have long or short hair this can help maintain a shiny coat and keep them looking and feeling healthy. You can buy many cat specific brushes, and there are plenty of tutorials online if you are unsure how to do. The best advice would be to do it in a calm and relaxing environment when the process doesn’t have to rushed. You may find your cat grows to like this time.



Encourage them to be outside

Not all cat’s spend a lot of time outside, but it is something that should be encouraged for a bit of the day. Even if you sit outside with them to supervise or make them feel at ease. Fresh air is good for animals as well as us humans. However, don’t be discouraged if this doesn’t happen. Sometimes a cat may prefer to be indoors. Just make sure they have the option.



Take care of their health

Cat’s can be prone to fleas, ticks and worms. Unfortunately, it goes with the territory. But there are many preventive measures you can take to ensure they stay in good health. You can tackle fleas by using seresto flea collar. Or worms can be addressed by placing worming tablets or powders in their food. They may not like what you have to do, but it’s always best to ensure you cat stays in good health.

Annual trips to the vet

Your cat will need regular vaccinations. So it’s essential to have annual trips to the vet to keep these up.These prevent diseases and illnesses occurring. Your vet will also check on your cat’s weight and will provide a full check on their general health.

Give them a good diet

It’s advisable to provide your cat with a good diet. This means that you use recommended food providers and also avoid overfeeding them. Giving them more food than they should eat will make their weight increase and could cause problems in the future. These may be fatal. A good food brand will always have recommendations on how much you should feed your cat. This is normally down to the size and breed.



Show them love and affection

Finally, don’t forget to shower your cat with lots of love and affection. They may not be known to be the most loyal of pets, but they certainly know when they are loved. A cat is a great companion and is often seen as relatively easy to look after. Providing lots of attention should be the easiest part.


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