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Five Pets Every Child Should Own

Written by Jake Dunning

As children, we are all different. However, we do usually go through the same trends when it comes to which pets we desperately long to own. We all beg and plead with our parents to let us have our ‘dream pet’. We spend hours or weeks convincing them of our desperate need for one. We make promises that we’ll feed them, care for them and give them attention. These all usually go by the wayside and our parents have to step in and help a little though!

Just a few of the amazing pets we’ve all wanted as a child can be found below. Were these on your list of favourite animals when you were growing up?

A puppy – let’s face it. We’ve all wanted to own a puppy at least once in our lives. We’ve seen how cute they are and had dreams of owning one and making it our very best friend. Dogs can be a wonderful first pet for a child and as long as they are old enough to understand the basic care principles, this is great. Dogs are loyal, fun and encourage your children to get active and take their pet out for regular exercise. This means that your child is gaining plenty of fresh air at the same time. Watch out for the little accidents that come with new puppy ownership though. Chewed furniture and mess around the house come hand in hand with this type of pet!

A kitten – kittens are cute and fluffy. What’s not to love? Well first of all you will need to decide if your cat is going to live indoors or be allowed to roam free. You should consider all of the vaccinations your kittens will need and the care that you’ll need to give them. Cats may look cute and they certainly are. However, they can demand lots of attention and don’t have the same loyalty to owners as dogs do.


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A horse – horses make amazing pets. You need a lot of space or funds to rent a big field. As well as stables for your horse if you don’t have vast amounts of land. One Stop Equine products are available in most online stores though, so buying your equipment is easy. You should make sure you know the basics of horse care and take basic riding lessons first.

A goldfish – a goldfish makes for a very easy pet. Your child can look after it and feed it themselves. You will need to assist with regular tank cleaning and temperature control for the water though. If your child decides upon tropical fish, you will need to brush up on your knowledge first to help them.

A hamster – a hamster, is another easy pet to look after. They are friendly and easy to tame. You should choose a large hamster as opposed to the smaller and the faster Russian hamster variety as these may be too hard for your child to handle at first. Regular handling will make for a tamer hamster.


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