Essential Ways To Keep Older Dogs Fit And Healthy

Written by Jake Dunning

It’s fair to say that we all love our dogs. They didn’t get the title of Man’s best friend for nothing. They become important parts of our family and bring joy and happiness into our lives. But how can you keep your dog happy when they get older? Every pet is different and will react to the ageing process in their own unique way. But there are some general ways in which we can give our dogs the best care, in the later years of their lives. Read on to find out how.

Regular Check-Ups

Older dogs should have scheduled trips to the vets for check-ups, at least every 6 months. Check-ups on older dogs can be more thorough than with younger dogs. They may include blood work, checks for diseases  and dental care. Older dogs immune systems cannot fight off diseases or heal as quickly. Keeping on top of their vaccination program will be vital and it may even have to be changed to suit their needs.

It will be beneficial to you as a pet owner to thoroughly research your breed of dog. Certain breeds can develop specific health problems. By knowing what to look out for, you will be giving your dog the best chance of getting treated early. If you notice any considerable differences in your dog’s behaviour, see your vet as soon as possible.

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As with humans, dogs also slow down with old age. Exercise is crucial to keeping any dog fit and healthy. Instead of taking your older pet for hour long walks, why not try shorter fifteen minute walks, a few times a day. This will keep them active without wearing them out. Exercise is also essential for keeping your dog’s weight and joints in check.

Arthritis is a common health issue with older dogs. Exercise can help reduce the pain and discomfort that this can bring. Veterinary care is also vital as they will also need anti-inflammatories. Another option is to give your dog joint care supplements, such as glucosamine for dogs. Remember to never walk your dog if they are experiencing limping or pain. Ask your vet for more guidance and advice.

Weight Control

Keeping our pets at a healthy weight will also be beneficial to them. It’s easier for pets to put on weight as they get older. Being overweight can cause your dog to develop joint pain and  can be dangerous to their internal organs. Weighing your dog every few months will allow you to keep on top on their weight. Follow this useful link to determine your dog’s ideal weight.

Dog food that has plenty of useful nutrients that cater to your dog’s needs are a must. Giving your dog human food is never a good idea and cause them serious health problems. If you want to know which is the best dog food for your pet, ask your vet.

By following these steps your dog should have a wonderful time in the twilight of their life. Just ensure they see the vet often, keep their weight down and have daily walks. It really is as easy as that.


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