Essential Accessories Every Horse Owner Needs For Their Animal

Written by Jake Dunning

There are many reasons why someone might like to own a horse. Perhaps they like the idea of riding whenever it suits them, or maybe they just love the animals that much they want to care for one. Either way, this is a big responsibility that should never be taken lightly. Owning a dog or cat is nothing like looking after a horse, and so you don’t want to get confused between the two. Horses shouldn’t really be considered as pets if the truth be told, as you won’t be able to take it home with you unless you have a lot of land, and unfortunately, most people don’t. Also, it costs a lot of money to keep one of these creatures, as you have to pay for stables, food, and unless you want to clean them out every day… some hired help.

With all this in mind, I’m going to spend the next few moments discussing some of the kit and accessories you’re going to need. Don’t stress too much though, as this isn’t a major expense. You just need it all to make sure you’re able to take the animal out safely in public, and so that you don’t cause pain or discomfort to your long faced friend when riding. Take a quick read through, and hopefully you’ll come away better prepared for what the road ahead will involve.

Bareback Riding Pads

These usually go underneath your saddle, but you can actually use them to ride if both you and the horse are comfortable enough with each other. Also, they’re non-slip, which means you shouldn’t be at any major risk of falling off unless you lose your balance. I bought a new one of these a couple of months ago from the One Stop Equine Shop for less than £100, but which supplier you use is completely your own decision.

Sit Tight Breeches

Even if you’ve never looked closely at people riding horses before, you will have seen the type of trousers jockeys wear on the racetrack, right? Well, they’re actually specially designed to decrease the amount of movement experienced when trotting or sprinting around a course or field. You need them to limit the chances of you falling off and injuring yourself. At the end of the day, accidents will, and do happen to the most experienced riders, so don’t become complacent, and use every safety device you come across.

Snaffle Bridle

You’ve seen the harnesses around horses necks and faces lots of times before, so you should know how they work already. While you don’t want to restrict movement too much, a good snaffle bridle will keep the horse focused and remind it that you’re in control. There’s lots of different products around, but you need something with lots of padding to ensure it doesn’t chaff or cause problems for the animal. That said; it needs to be strong and tight enough so that it doesn’t fall off or become uncomfortable.

Well folks, now you know about some of the most important accessories you need to buy, you’re one step closer to achieving your dream and owning your very own horse.

Have fun!



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