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Dogs to avoid if you have children

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While instances of dogs injuring children aren’t particularly common, a number of serious (to fatal) attacks do occur each and every year.  Most of the time, such incidents could have been entirely avoided if the parents had heeded the advice of many experts (with regards to their particular choice in breed).  This isn’t to say that the following list of dogs are BAD; instead try to think of them as being less-than-ideal companions for people who have small, delicate and defenseless little ones living with them.  As you are no doubt already well aware, when it comes to protecting your kids, it’s best to simply avoid potential hazards, large and commonly ill-tempered dog breeds being one of them.

In short, here are some specific dog breeds to avoid when you have children…

Pit Bulls

Yes, Pit Bulls have a bad reputation for being one of those types of dog that certain nefarious people like to abuse via organized fighting, but they’re also a naturally aggressive breed as well.  For one thing, these animals have very strong jaws which are capable of inflicting nasty bites, not to mention the fact that they tend to keep holding on once they do.  Many people have reported having no problem with Pit Bulls, even letting their children play alongside them while growing up, but there are also plenty of stories which demonstrate that the same animals will occasionally “snap” and become violent, usually for unknown reasons.


Like Pit Bulls, Dobermans are also a breed of dog that has a slightly tarnished reputation when it comes to dealing with human children.  Having been bred for their aggressiveness and physical abilities, this type of dog can be very unpredictable, even if you raise one yourself as a puppy.  It’s not recommended that you keep a Doberman around because they can act impulsively if provoked and are known to do a lot of damage when they bite.


When you think of dangerous dog breeds, the fashionable Dalmatian probably doesn’t spring to mind, does it?  Believe it or not, these animals tend to not respond well to the sort of frenzied whirlwind of activity that the average child might generate, causing it to lash out.  As with many other powerful dog breeds, the Dalmatian can direct its aggressiveness toward anything, often without warning.  In short, despite their popularity and rather impressively-colored coats, it’s probably best to simply avoid Dalmatians altogether if you have kids at home.

Saint Bernard

As a rather large animal, the Saint Bernard is both physically powerful as well as prone to anger issues if unexpectedly prompted to action.  Of course many people have been able to raise these dogs from birth, teaching them how to be gentle and interact with people.

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