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Cute Ways To Pamper Your Dog This Winter

Written by Jake Dunning

During the winter months, your pets can often get overlooked. Everyone else is getting expensive gifts and luxurious treats, but your pet might be left wondering what on earth is going on. What are these shiny things that he’s not allowed to play with?

Here are some top tips for cute ways to pamper your pets this winter and make them really feel like part of the family!

1 – Pet-friendly

Christmas treats are a great way to get your furry friend involved with what is happening during the winter. He may not understand exactly why there are new and exciting looking ‘toys’ hanging from the tree inside the house, or why he gets shouted at when he plays with them.

Try to remember that this is all very strange for your pet and cats and dogs will be especially likely to try and wreck your Christmas decorations without really meaning to. Go easy on them!

These days you can buy or make Christmas treats for your pets, and they could even come ready wrapped in cute little stocking designs. Just don’t hang them on the tree! Your pet won’t understand the meaning of self-restraint.

Make sure that your dogs teeth are cleaned after treats so that you prevent high-cost dentist bills.

2 – Winter pet clothing

Not all dogs like to be wrapped up in clothing. Small dogs tend to enjoy wearing cute knitted jumpers and accessories, because they get cold easily.

You could consider warm jackets with festive designs for walkies time in the cold winter weather. Your pet will appreciate something waterproof


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3 – Christmas dinner

If everyone else is having a Christmas dinner, a pampered pet might also enjoy one. Some good quality meat and a sprinkling of veg would be fine though, you probably shouldn’t make the dog’s dinner look better than your own!

4 – Warm new bedding

When it gets cold in the evenings, your dog will be looking for a warm place to curl up. Make sure that his bedding is dry and warm to ensure that he can happily curl up. The last thing you want to see is your dog shivering his way through the evening.

5 – Health checks are so important.

Keep an eye on your dog for fleas or ticks. This article about tick prevention for pets may be helpful for new pet owners. You should also check your dog’s eyes and teeth daily to ensure they are clean and free of infection.

6 – Toys to play with are a good way of keeping your dog out of mischief.

It will also mean that he doesn’t have to chew anything of yours!

You can get toys that make noises or dog toys that are more natural. Rope toys are a great accessory for winter as your dog won’t want to go out and bury these in the garden straight away.

You can give your dog plenty of hard bones (not cooked chicken bones though) and heavy duty toys to chew his way through this year and your decorations may well be spared! Fingers crossed.



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