How to Litter Train Your Cat

Posted by - April 5, 2017
Generally, cats prefer to eliminate in areas that are sandy or have a granular nature to them. While this describes most litter boxes, most cat owners will find that not…
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Tiny Tips For Tiny Paws

Posted by - January 31, 2017
While most of the country favour larger animals, dogs of all breeds and cats of all colours as pets, there are some out there who prefer the pets of a…
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How to teach a parrot to talk

Posted by - November 14, 2013
Among all the creatures in the animal kingdom, Parrots are perhaps one of the most intriguing to us humans.  The reason for this is simple – they possess the ability…
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Dogs to avoid if you have children

Posted by - September 12, 2013
While instances of dogs injuring children aren’t particularly common, a number of serious (to fatal) attacks do occur each and every year.  Most of the time, such incidents could have…
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