8 Tips for Walking Your Dog Like a Champ

Written by Jake Dunning

No dog behaves on the lead by accident. 9 times out of 10, if a dog is good on the lead, it’s because their owner has trained them to be that way. It doesn’t matter how old a dog is, you can teach them to walk nicely on the lead providing you’re consistent. These 8 tips will help you along the way!

Have the Right Energy

Dogs sense energy. It might sound silly to you, but it’s a fact. Your energy means more than your words or actions. Having the right energy will make all the difference. You want a confident, dominant, relaxed energy and your dog will do everything you want him to.

Make Them Walk Next to You or Behind You

When your dog walks in front of you, he’s signalling that he’s pack leader. If you allow him to do so, you tell him he is too. Instead, make him walk next to you or behind you. This shows that you are the leader, and the dog must follow you in order to get to your destination.



Buy a Comfortable Collar and Leash

Your dog will respond better if you buy them a comfortable collar and leash to walk with. A comfortable leash will feel better to you too. A retractable dog leash is helpful, as you can make it shorter or longer, giving your dog as much freedom as you need. Don’t be the owner who tries to control their dog with a choke chain. It’s a form of torture! Your dog will learn from consistency, not from being choked.

Stop When They Pull

It’s natural for your dog to want to test the boundaries sometimes. They get excited and want to arrive at their destination as quickly as possible, so they pull. However, this means they’re not concentrating on following you, which is the only thing they should be doing. To show them pulling will not be tolerated, stop in your tracks and make them walk next to you again. Stop every time they pull.

Give Treats for Good Behaviour

When your dog is doing as they are told on the lead, you should give them a small treat. You can do this more frequently at the start of their training, after which you can phase the treats out.

Teach Other Essential Commands

It’s no good just having your dog walk well on the lead. What if you need them to stop in their tracks, or sit? Teach these other essential commands so you’re prepared for almost any situation that could arise.

Socialise With Other Dogs

You may come across other dogs on your walks, so socialise with other dogs carefully to ensure your dog knows how to act.

Praise Them Afterwards

When you’ve had a good walk, make sure you praise your dog afterwards with a bit of a fuss. It’ll go a long way!

Use these 8 tips and you’ll instantly walk your dog like a champion. Other dog owners will look up to you, and may even ask you for tips. Enjoy!


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