7 Gifts to Treat Your Pampered Pooch

Written by Jake Dunning

The majority of the world love dogs; we don’t call them ‘Man’s best friend’ for nothing! All dogs deserved to be pampered, but what can you treat them to? Take a look at these 7 gifts and choose something nice for your furry friend:

A Leather Padded Dog Collar

A leather padded dog collar will be much more comfortable around your dog’s neck than a regular collar. Plus, you can personalise one if you like, or choose a cool colour/pattern to give your dog a stylish edge!

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Nose Moisturiser

Take a look at your dog’s nose. Is it dry and lacklustre? This happens to many dogs, and there’s not much you can do other than moisturise. Most of the time a dry, cracked nose won’t bother your dog, but it does look an eyesore, especially on photographs. By applying a good nose moisturiser to your dog as often as needed, their nose will start to soften and smooth out, helping them to get back to their beautiful selves!

A Luxury Dog Bed

A luxury dog bed is an essential for your pampered pooch; you wouldn’t sleep in an uncomfortable, cheap bed; so why should they? Make sure you get the right size, and pick one suited to their personality. You can buy all kinds of colours and patterns these days. If your dog is prone to accidents, you can also buy waterproof dog beds from sites like so you don’t have to worry about it getting ruined.

A Luxury Dog Blanket

Why not treat your dog to a luxury blanket that they can lounge in? A faux fur blanket similar to the fur of a fox is sure to make them feel comfy and cosy.

A Personalised Dog Treat Jar

Your dog deserves a treat every now and again just like you do, so get them a personalised dog treat jar. This jar will look great on any windowsill or side, and will be personalised especially for your dog. Inside you can place their favourite dog treats, or just buy one with some homemade dog treats inside!

A Dog Birthday Cake

Yep, dogs can have birthday cake too! If it’s your dog’s special day, make sure they don’t feel left out or hard done to. Get them a special dog cake that they can enjoy especially for getting a year older. Human food can be poisonous and toxic to dogs, so buying them a specially made cake is essential. You could always look for a recipe online so you can treat your pampered pooch yourself – what could be better than a cake made especially for them with love?

A Neckerchief

Want your dog to be the most stylish of the pack? Get them a snazzy neckerchief! They’ll look bang on trend and we’re sure all of the other dogs will be jealous. Just be careful dressing them in whole outfits; this can mess up the way they regulate their temperature and confuse them!

I hope you found these ideas useful – see you next time!

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