6 Mistakes That First-Time Puppy Owners Should Avoid

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Having a canine companion can be life-changing; while it can make you a happier person, there are some responsibilities that come as a part of the package. If the idea of bringing home a puppy excites you, there are a lot of things that you need to do to gear up for the change. If you live alone, it can mean altering your lifestyle for this new companion and if you live with family, your loved ones would need to get involved as well. While a new puppy can be a great addition to your family, you need to avoid certain mistakes as a first-timer. Here are some common ones that you should be aware about.

  1. Not thinking before taking the plunge

The worst mistake that first-time puppy owners do is not thinking before bringing one home. To start with, you need to discuss your intention with your family if you live with them. Ensure that they are all comfortable with the idea of having this canine member joining them. Additionally, they should be ready to share the responsibilities and joys of pet parenting with you. Also, make sure that your lifestyle allows you to take this responsibility. Those who travel a lot, for example, should consider the alternative arrangements for leaving their pet home when they are out of town.

  1. Not choosing the right breed

If you think that paying attention to the animal’s breed is not important, you are mistaken. Do not choose one on the basis of looks but make sure that the puppy will be able to blend in your lifestyle and you will be able to give it good care. There are some breeds that enjoy the company of children and you should choose them if you have children at home. Certain breeds require intensive physical exercise and are ideal for people with active lifestyle.

  1. Not getting the puppy health-tested before bringing it home

The secret of being a happy pet parent greatly depends on your ability to find the perfect puppy that is cute and healthy. Not getting it health-tested before bringing it home is another mistake that you should absolutely avoid. Buying from a reliable source is important because these breeders take good care of dogs and their young ones are less susceptible to inherited health problems. Moreover, they do all the necessary health tests before selling the puppies.

  1. Not training the puppy

Not training the puppy is a mistake that a majority of people make. Just adopting an animal will not give you the expected benefits of being a pet owner. Training it makes the puppy social, keeps it safe and strengthens your bond with it. The objective of training goes much beyond making the pet obedient and disciplined. A professional trainer can help your pet to learn life skills so that it can easily adapt with your lifestyle and be more of an asset rather than just a responsibility.

  1. Not paying attention to the initial toilet training

When you raise a puppy for the first time, you may not know much about toilet training. This aspect needs a lot of attention to ease your life as a pet owner. Buying from a reputed breeder matters because it increases your chances of getting an animal that is toilet trained. On the other hand, be sure to make the puppy habitual of going out when it needs to relieve itself. Understand its toilet patterns and signals to train it right from the early weeks.

  1. Not doing things that it enjoys

The activities that a puppy enjoys normally depend on its breed and upbringing and not giving it enough can make it lethargic. There are some breeds that love to be outdoors and indulge in physical activities while others prefer to cuddle indoors. Know these facts about your pet and give it plenty of space to do things that it likes. Feeding it the right kind of food and getting the right accessories that it can play with also matter. Ensure that it gets to be involved in the activities that keep it happy, healthy and stimulated.

Raising a puppy is like raising a young child because it needs as much time, love and commitment as a little one does. If you do take the responsibility of being a pet parent, make sure that you have plenty of time to take it out, feed it well and play with it. This will make it a happy and healthy animal that gives and gets affection.

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