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4 Reasons Why You Need To Buy A Horse This Year

Written by Jake Dunning

There are many pets you could choose for your family, but horses are one of the most popular for a number of reasons. While you could spend money on a dog or cat, they’re certainly not as impressive, and although they can be fun to be around, you can’t exactly ride them around a field now can you? Also, owning a pet like this is a big responsibility, so you shouldn’t buy one without first performing some research and determining if you can really take on the animal in your current situation. Not only will you have to visit it every day to clean its accommodation and socialise, but you’ll also have to pay a lot of money out in vet bills and food.

All that said; there are many positive points to owning a horse, and those are what I’m going to focus on over the next few paragraphs. I’ve personally got five at the moment, so I know all too well how much of your time this animal will take up. Even so, if you’re a horse person, you won’t mind exerting all this effort to keep your baby healthy and looking trim. So, without any further delays, let’s take a look at four reasons why you need to buy a horse this year…

1. You can go riding

Horse riding is a really fun pastime, and if you have kids, this will help to teach them how to conquer their fears and take on new challenges. Contrary to popular belief, you can’t just jump on and head away down the road. First, you need to build up a relationship and gain the trust of the animal, and that will teach them about commitment.


2. They’re a good investment

Okay, so, the average horse in the field might not make you millions of pounds, but if you were to spend your money on a thoroughbred racehorse, there’s no telling how much you could earn. Just take some time to research how to get into this area, and you’ll soon see how simple and lucrative it can be. There are specialist accommodation units like the Scenic NSW Equine Centre where you can take your best horses to let them relax after big races, so don’t worry about them getting worn out too much.

3. Horses are good company

While dogs and cats might be very receptive, horses are deeper animals with more interesting qualities. You’ll never get an amazing conversation out of one, but if you spend time getting to know the animal, you’ll almost certainly start to notice its intelligence. If you treat a horse badly, it knows exactly how to play you at your own game.

4. They’re beautiful

Believe it or not, some people, myself included just like to stand and look at a horse. For whatever reason, they’re one of the most aesthetically pleasing animals on the planet, which probably explains why so many top artists have included them in their best works. Just take a moment to search “horse paintings” online, and you’ll find hundreds of thousands of attractive images.

With all this in mind, I really do hope you’ll consider purchasing a horse in the near future and learning about their incredible existence.

See you back here soon!

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