Taking Your Dog Camping: Everything You Need To Know

Written by Jake Dunning

As a dog owner, you will know how important it is that wherever you and your dog go, your dog is kept safe, happy and healthy. And camping with your dog, is no different.

As long as your dog is well-trained, taking them camping can be a fantastic experience. Especially, when you are on a trip with other dog owners – this gives you people to chat to and dogs for your dog to play with.

While camping with your four-legged friend can be a lot of fun, the idea of booking your first camping trip with your pet can feel a little daunting. However, there is no need to worry, as long as you are well prepared, taking your dog camping will be a lot of fun.


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To help you plan a camping trip for you and your pet, we have put together some handy tips below:

Make sure your dog is fully vaccinated

If your dog is older than a few months old, then the chances are he or she is already vaccinated. However, before taking your pet camping, it is important to pop into the vets, to double check that all their vaccinations are up to date.

This is especially important if you are going to a campsite on a farm, as farm animals carry all sorts of illnesses, some of which can be passed onto dogs. So it is important to check.

Ensure your dog is well-trained

Campsites are often full of families with children, so it is crucial that your dog is well-behaved. If you dog hasn’t spent time around kids before, it might be a good idea to get him, or her used to it beforehand by attending a dog training class.

If you are camping on a working farm with livestock, it is even more important that your dog is well-behaved. If you don’t have control of your pet and he or she attacks the livestock, you could end up being banned or worse, arrested.

Pack everything your pet will need

The key to a successful camping trip with your dog is packing all the essentials – from feeding bowls to a ground steak, make sure to pack properly. If you are unsure of everything you dog needs for a camping trip, you can have a look online at a dog camping checklist.

The camping essentials for your pet are as follows: feeding bowl, water bowl, bed, blankets, lead, ground steak, travel carrier, and toys.

If you are worried about your pet getting cold, you could always invest in a doggy jacket or the latest pair of welly boots in dog fashion. The idea of dressing your dog in a coat and boots might sound odd, but it will keep them warm and should prevent them from getting too muddy.

Choose a dog-friendly campsite

While most campsites are happy to allow dogs to stay there, some campsites are more dog-friendly than others.

For instance, some campsites have dog washing facilities, that are ideal for when you four-legged friend decides to roll in the mud. Some campsites have special dog walking areas within them, and some even have play areas for dogs within them.

Follow this guide and your first camping trip with your four-legged friend should go to plan.


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