3 Things to Think About When Choosing a New Pet

Written by Jake Dunning

Having a pet is a big commitment. It has a lot of bonuses and rewards, but there are some sacrifices that need to be made for pet ownership. You need to be prepared for this. Your routine may need to be changed, and money will need to be spent. How much, though, depends on the pet that you choose. Will you be able to care for the pet when it is sick, as well as healthy? Can you imagine a certain pet in your home situation, as it currently is?

All of these questions need to be thought about and answered. Here are some other considerations to help you choose what the right pet for you, will be.

Think About the Care of The Pet

You need to sit down and realistically think about what you could handle. Are you short on time in the day or work long hours out of the house? A higher maintenance pet like a dog, may not be for you unless you hired a dog-walker. A pet like a reptile or a rodent pet like hamsters or gerbils. A cat is more independent than a dog, but they still require a relationship and time commitment from you.

Another consideration is the time that you will need when you get a new pet. A lot of people say that getting a puppy is almost like having a new baby. They wake a lot in the night, need lots of affection and need help learning to go to the bathroom. Can you commit to that when you first bring a puppy home? If you aren’t able to housetrain a puppy, think about getting a grown dog as they will need less time to adjust.

Kittens can be active and jumpy so think about what you can handle. An older couple may prefer a grown cat as a kitten would be too active for them.


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Search for a Reputable Place to Get Your Pet

When looking for pets or dogs for sale, you will need to do lots of research. Talk to friends and relatives that are pet owners. Veterinarians would be good to speak to as they may know local breeders. You should also look up shelters and pet homes in your local area.

Commit to a Pet’s Lifetime

The lifespan of pets can vary. Pets like rats, mice, hamsters or gerbils can be such fun pets, but they don’t last for long, probably a year at the most. Is this more of your preference? Birds and parrots can live longer. Cats and dogs are even longer. Think about what you would like. What would work for your family situation? A pet with a longer life expectancy will grow to be more of a companion and for some, this is exactly what they will want.

Good luck in your search for a new pet. Hope that you find one that is perfect for you and your family. They are such a blessing and a joy!


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